Thriden 3D Multilayer zirconia disc

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  • 3d multilayer zirconia blank

Thriden 3D Multilayer zirconia disc

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ThridenTM zirconia disc Compositions: ZrO2(92%-99%), Y2O3(4.5%-9.7%), AL2O3(0.2%-0.5%), other Oxides (<0.5%) block, which is made from the finest nanometer zirconia powder by dry and cold isostatic pressing and machining.

Technical FactsST multilayer3D multilayer
Post-sintering Flexural Strength1100Mpa600-900Mpa
Sintering temperature1480℃1480℃

Available size, color and system:

SystemThickness and color
Open CADCAM system (for Roland, VHF, Imes-icores, Yenadent, Wieland, Dentium, Chinese Brand and so on.)10mm-30mm; A1-D4 color for choosing
Amann Girrbach system10mm-25mm; A1-D4 color for choosing
Zirkonzahn system10mm-30mm; A1-D4 color for choosing

Our advantages: 

  1. Raw material: we have established in-depth cooperation with many medical-grade nanometer zirconia powder manufacturers at home abroad and insist on using the finest Nano zirconia powder all the time.
  1. Production technology: we adopt isostatic pressing, slurry forming, SPS and so on to ensure the advanced performance of our products, and we always keep in touch with many leading’s researching organizations to continually update our processes.
  1. Support and service: we provide detailed product parameters and various guidance to help to make the best zirconia denture.
  1. Quality control: we strictly insist on ISO quality system, make it as part of our manufacturing operation.With highly precise measuring equipment, we can assures the ultimate consistency in quality.


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