Dental Cobalt Chrome alloy

  • dental alloy cocr for frame dental lab materials
  • dental alloy cocr for frame dental lab materials

Dental Cobalt Chrome alloy

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Cobalt Chrome alloy dentures and cast partial dentures have been commonly manufactured since 1929 due to lower cost and lower density compared to gold alloys; however, Co-Cr alloys tend to exhibit a higher modulus of elasticity and cyclic fatigue resistance, which are significant factors for dental prosthesis. The alloy is a commonly used as a metal framework for dental partials. A well known brand for this purpose is Vitallium.[record from wiki]

  1. Product: PFM casting cobalt chrome dental alloy
Technical DataComposition
Melting Range1290°C-1370°CCobalt61%
Yield Strength530 MPAChrome25%
Density8.5 (g/cc)Molybdenum6%
Coefficient of Liner


14.1 X 10-6 K-1Others<3%
Elastic Modulus210Gpa
  1. Instructions for use

Waxing: Minimum metal thickness (after grinding) should be 0.3mm. Waxing could be as thin as 0.3mm to 0.35mm


A-Direct for single units.  Sprueing should be 6mm in length. Based on the size and the thickness of crowns use 6-8 gauge sprues.

B-indirect for multiple units. Use straight 8 gauge sprue, about 3 or 4mm in length and connect it to the unit.

For long spanned bridges use and additional sprue connected to the last unit.

Investing: use high heat investments. follow the manufacturer’s instruction carefully. After investment has set, scrape the top of the investment to allow gases to escape.

Burnout: Place the ring in the furnace at room temperature, increase the temperature to 980-1050°C, with one hour holding time. Add 10/15 extra minutes for each additional ring.


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