Thriden Silicone Dispenser Gun

  • CE Approval Dental Mixing Dispenser Impression Gun
  • Dental impression mixing gun polyurethane mixing gun
  • Denxy Dental High Quality Silicone Rubber Dispensing Dental Mixing Gun

Thriden Silicone Dispenser Gun

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This mixing dispensing universal dental dispenser gun is used to dispense silicon and rubber, very convenient for you to use. Come and have a try now.

  1. Dental dispenser gun is completely operated by hand, leggiere-design and easy to be taken with.
  2. It is used for catalyst with mixing impression materials, silica gel or self-olidifying compoud resins etc. The ratios of dispensing
  3. Guns include 1:1/2:1, 4:1/10:1, with cream-colored gun body and black push rod. Two-omponent dispensing guns can avoid waste when it is used for mixing adhesives, fast-occlusion silica gel and various impression materials.

Using Guide:

  1. Open the top of the dispenser and then pull the rack to reach the maximum.
  2. After fixing the mixing tips on cartridge, put into impression material cartridge, and lock it by the dispenser.
  3. Promote the trigger to make the impression material come out smoothly from the cartide.
  4. After using the gun, put the rack back to the original location.
  5. Remove the cartridge, then to repeat the above operation.


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