Surgical medical virus face n95 mask for coronavirus with CE/FDA

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Surgical medical virus face n95 mask for coronavirus with CE/FDA


    • Surgical coronavirus mask includes kn95, ffp2, ffp3 and so on. This is for KN95 which is used for fighting viruses in china widely.

    • We have CE/FDA Certification.
    • Now we have many disposable medical masks, N95 in stock.
    • KN95: China’s national standards stipulate that masks can be divided into two categories, KN and KP, according to their functions. KN is suitable for filtering non-oily particles, and KP is suitable for filtering oily particles. The latter number is the percentage of filtration efficiency. KN95 stipulates that the filtration efficiency for non-oily particles above 0.075 microns is greater than 95%.
    • N95: American NIOSH dust mask standard, detailed parameters are consistent with domestic KN95. In other words, KN95 and N95 just have different names, and the masks produced according to these two standards have exactly the same protection level. You can rest assured to buy any KN95 or N95 standard masks, there is no difference in protection effect.
    • KN95 mask has been widely used in China to fight new crown coronavirus.
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