TD-430i CADCAM milling machine for dental lab

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TD-430i CADCAM milling machine for dental lab

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Product name: Thriden CADCAM milling machine for dental lab (TD-430i)

Performance characteristics

  • CAM automatic programming, data management;
  • Automatic identification tool path shorten the non-transport time, improve production efficiency;
  • High surface quality;
  • Easy operation, do not need professional CAD / CAM techinician;
  • quick and easy, automatic tool changer, there are three pockets;
  • Four-axis milling center equipment, easy and quick for clamping zirconium blocks;
  • Though high-speed 3D scanner CAD software, automatically create and repair denture, forming
  • Set Program dentures by CAD and done by the machine;
  • Provide zirconia dentures solutions for dental Labs and milling centers;
  • The maximum cutting bridge up to 16 units, high precision and speed.
Electric current3.5A
Total capacity1.5kw
Air pressure7Pa
Spindle speed51000r/min
Milling materialZirconia, pmma, wax and so on
The size of materialOD98mm, thickness 10mm-30mm
The size of machine580*450*480mm
Type of coolingWater cooling


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