Thriden TD530i 5axis dental milling machine

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Thriden TD530i 5axis dental milling machine

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Product Name: CAD CAM Dental Milling Machine (TD530i) 5 axis

Creative secondary fixture, maximize material saving, more than 40 units can be milled on one piece 98mm zirconium blanks.


Spindle500W 40,000rpm
Tool changer:Automatic tool changer (5 slot) with tool length
sensor and tool breakage detection
Compressed air5bar
Rotary swivel axisA 360°, B +/-30°
Powermax. 850W, 50-60Hz, 220VDC
Processable MaterialsZirconium blank、Wax、PMMA、HPP, etc.
blank holder98.5mm   110mm


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