Thriden TD-M4 cnc milling machine

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Thriden TD-M4 cnc milling machine

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Product Name: Dental CNC Milling Machine (TD-M4) 4 axis

Product Description:

Full-automatic: CAM automatic programming, data management, system open, accept the world common format files. Automatically identify the cutting path, improve the production efficiency.

Easy-operation: Excellent and concise man-machine interface, easy to understand operation, no professional CAD/CAM operation skills, press one key it can operation.

Protection: Key components that affect the quality of the whole machine, using imported high-quality accessories from the world’s top brands.

Persistent-operation: Excellent mechanical structure is the foundation for ensuring mechanical precision and rigidity. Adopt international standard full-meter Hana cast iron, integrated molding without welding, maintains the original accuracy even using many years.

Technical Parameters:

NameTD-M4 milling machine
Working Stroke125/195/80mm
Max Stroke360°
Coolant of spindle bearingWater-cooled
SpindleProcessing ModeDry
Speed of spindle3000-60000rpm
Milling bur3
MaterialPMMA, zirconia, wax, PEEK and so on


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