Thriden CADCAM Cobalt Chromium blank

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Thriden CADCAM Cobalt Chromium blank

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Our Cobalt Chromium blank is manufactured disc by disc in a special casting technique. A high homogenity and hardness is guaranteed throughout the entire disc (edge, center, core).
This high-end product is specially designed for industrial milling units and is particularly suitable for the manufacture of crowns, bridges, frameworks, telescopes, bars, attachments, implant-supported superstructures and abutments. Free of nickel, Beryllium, lead and cadmium.


  1. Excellent CTE of 14.2 ensures flexibilty in ceramic selection
  2. No cooling phase required, depending on the ceramics
  3. High biocompatibility
  4. Easy polishing
  5. Excellent metal-ceramic bonding
  6. Laser weldable
  7. Dry and wet milling
  8. Thickness: OD98*10-25mm; OD95*10-25mm

Technical properties:

Technical DateComposition
Hardness (HRC)≥20Co   61%
Tensile strength≥560Mpa  Cr   26%
Rate of elongation≥4%  Mo  4.5%
Proof stress (Rp 0.2)≥300Mpa  W   6.5%
Modulus of elasticity≥200GpaOthers Si,Fe,Al,C,Ce
Melting interval1275 ℃
Casting Tempapprox 1415℃
CTE [ 10⁻⁶K¹]15.5 (25 – 550℃)


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