Thriden dental laser pin

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Thriden dental laser pin

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This machine is special precise equipment for odontology, using a laser to guarantee.the hole’s accuracy. This machine uses hardened alloy drill bits, the depth of the drilled holes can be adjusted.
It is designed to assist fabricating accurate model and dies for use in the fabrication of dental restorations. It features high rotational speed, low noise, high precision, and easy operation. It is used to accurately drill parallel hoes into the underside of the model. This machine has a laser positioning system, the work table, and the main axis match precisely which ensure the quality of the drilling. The depth of drilling can be adjusted by the rotary switch, the minimum adjustable height is 0.15mm. The travel switch enables the motor to be turned on after the work table is being released, this will protect the motor and prolong its lifespan.

  1. The imported motor guarantees the accuracy of rotation bias ≤0.01mm and the maximum power
  2. Laser indicator for both studs and tongue side grinding
  3. Imported alloy steel two-step drill bit
  4. Accurate drilling (≤0.03mm)
  5. Overload automatic protection system, automatic cooling system, long service life
  6. Quiet, no vibration, high stability


Rated VoltageRated CurrentRated FrequencyWeightSize

1.Laser Pin is used for the preparation of porcelain teeth, it is uesd mainly in the processing plaster molds and plaster nails.
2.It has the advantages of high rotational speed, low noise, high precision and easy operation.
3.This machine has a laser positioning system, the working platform and the main axis match precisely which ensure the quality of drilling.
4.The depth of drilling can be adjusted by a rotary switch, the minimum adjusting depth is 0.15mm.

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