Thriden dental Vacuum Former Foriming machine

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Thriden dental Vacuum Former Foriming machine

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Dental Vacuum Former Foriming machine, remain transparent orthodontic appliances or without clasp , beautiful, wear comfortable, remain stable,and simple production by the majority of dentists welcome,Different from the first use of the tool : plastic sheet vacuum forming machines and special .

Features :       

1, Bleaching braces forming and fabrication ;
2, Maintaining orthodontic appliances , dental splint molding and production ;
3, Periodontal disease, fluoride treatments tray molding and production ;
4,Temporary , permanent denture base , mouthpiece care molding and production ;


1, pull the lever up first, then after finishing the plaster cast on vacuum online.
2, put the film in interlining, tighten the screw fixed button.
3, open the heating switch observe the softness in the film to film heat evenly.
4, will tie down after the heating of soft film to cover on the plaster model,
5, close the heating switch, open the vacuum switch, vacuum 10 to 15 seconds, braces can be formed.
6, first pen on basis of gingival margin mark outside the film.
7, after the film cooling with scissors or grinding according to remove excess film, tag complete dentures.


Voltage220V/50Hz ± 10% OR 110V/60Hz ± 10%
Dimensions25 × 21 × 30cm


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