Thriden Denture Application Storage Box With Membrane

  • OEM Plastic Dental Denture Storage Box
  • Customized Dental/Electronic Packaging Box Storage Transport and Display Clear Plastic Membrane Box
  • FREE SAMPLE!!Denture plastic box for Dental Labs Safe Transportation Denture Storage Box
  • Colorful Dental Retainer Case/Denture Storage Box/Teeth Retainer

Thriden Denture Application Storage Box With Membrane

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  1. Name: High-end Dental Box With Membrane
  2. Size: 5*5*2.5cm;4.5*4.5*2.5cm;3.8*3.8*1.7cm;16*10*5cm;10*10*4cm;10*6*2.2cm
  3. Material: PS
  4. Uses: Save single denture or jewelry
  5. Color: Transparent

The middle of the protective film can play a shock-resistant drop characteristics. As the protective film in the middle position, you can make dentures or jewelry suspended in the middle of the box, easy to see or watch.

1. Dentures are sensitive to handing and movement, storage box protects them
2. Keep dentures fresh and clean
3. Easy use

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