Thriden Duplication Silicone material

  • PERFIT A Silicone for Gingival Mask Duplication Silicone Material for Technician Lab
  • PERFIT Heavy Body Addition Silicone A Silicone Elastomeric Impression material Huge Dental
  • PERFIT-A-Silicone-for-Gingival-Mask-Duplication-Silicone-Material-for-Technician-dental-Lab
  • PERFIT-Heavy-Body-Addition-Silicone-A-Silicone-Elastomeric-Impression-material-Huge-Dental-materials

Thriden Duplication Silicone material

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Duplication silicone are now an essential component for precision model casting.

  1. Composition:
    Bio-cartridges (100ml).
  2. Application:
    Crown and Bridge Impression, Inlay and Onlay Impression.
  3. Advantages:
    The Light Body has outstanding Fluidity and Stability, so the Impression made is clear and integrated with no bubbles.
    The design of the package is very smart and convenient with pre-set proportions, especially with the help of dispenser.
    The Impressions can be disinfected in various methods, so it’s hygiene and safe to use. well.


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