Thriden Sintering furnace(TD-1700)

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Thriden Sintering furnace(TD-1700)

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The lifting type dental  zirconia sintering furnace is mainly used for zirconia crown crystallization sintering which use 1800 high pure heating element avoid secondary pollution.It’s heating by four sides and more uniform on temperature contral than traditional muffle furnace. It is better to burn the crown permeability and consistency. The release material adopts a more humanized lower loading mode which is more  convenient and easy to take.

Chamber of a stove or furnace process:
Furnace chamber adopts currently the most advanced thermal insulation material, high purity alumina fiber made by unique processing technology:
1. Good resistance to thermal shock resistance, not easy to crack;
2. High temperature does not produce volatile matter, ensure that fire materials will not be polluted;
3. The heat preservation performance is particularly prominent, can reduce 30% of the loss;
4. The uniform temperature field inside the furnace, and the temperature control precision can be up to + / – 1 ℃;
5. Weight is only half of the traditional materials.

Technical parameters:

Product modelTD-1700
Chamber of a stove or furnace modelAutomatic elevating
Display modeTouch screen
Limit temperature1700℃
Working temperature≤1650℃
Heating rateSuggess:10℃/Min   Max:20℃/Min
Heating zonesTemperature range of single
Temperature zone height120mm
Temperature zone diameter120mm
The temperature control accuracy±1℃
Chamber of a stove or furnace shapecylindrical
Sealing wayThe disc tray
The temperature curve50 “time – temperature curve” can be set
Persisting curveArticle 15 the temperature curve can be
Over temperature alarmyes
Over current protectionyes
Broken accidentally promptyes
Temperature measuring elementB type thermocouple
Heating elementSilicon molybdenum rods
Chamber of a stove or furnace materialsAlumina fiber
After-sales service12 months warranty, lifetime warranty
The packaging modePlywood wooden packaging
Overall dimensions400×530×850(mm)
Equipment weightNet weight 70 kg, gross weight 85 kg
Random accessories1 the sensor;1 set of tap;1 double protective gloves;1 the crucible tongs;1 set of crucible; zirconia beads, 200 g; 1 specification.


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