Thriden zirconia sintered crucible

  • manufacturer supply Aidite sintering furnace zirconia crucible zirconia sintering tray
  • high temperature sintered alumina ceramic tray
  • STA High temperature dental crucible/Sintering crucible zirconia tray
  • zirconia sintering tray for zirconia block
  • Sintering tray/crucible for zirconia in HS dental laboratory

Thriden zirconia sintered crucible

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Thriden offers different type of zirconia sintered crucible: round, square and so on. The  crucible has differnt diameter, and higer adopted temperature.


1, Adopt high purity high temperature powder die casting

2,Apertures strong high thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance can be repeatedly used strong

3, Opened mouth conducive to heat transfer through the heat crown will not heat evenly uneven temperature warpage

4, Sizes: outer diameter +height: 110*75mm, OD100*35mm, 90X35mm, 75X35mm and customized

5, Thickness of wall: 3.5mm or so

6, Can be high temperature: 1600 ℃-1800 ℃

7. Net weight:0.25KG


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