Thrirden dental injection system

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  • Dental Lab denture injection system
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Thrirden dental injection system

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The Dental Injection system is composed of a hot press (frame, cylinder, heater, bracket and flask etc), (temperature control, timer and electric system).

Voltage: AC220V50Hz

Power consumption: 400W

Size: 73*29*37cm

Net weight: 30KG Weight: 35KG

Applicable: dental technician factory dental department outpatient laboratory Product

Usage: dental technician factory dental department outpatient laboratory

Product performance characteristics

  1. The denture made by the invisible denture injection molding machine has almost no waste edge, and the grinding process can be completed in one time.
  2. This machine is produced by international standards,and the parts can be matched at the local hardware store to facilitate your maintenance.
  3. Convenient operation, saving time, high casting success rate, and ordinary tooth box can also be injection molded.
  4. With operating instructions, heating coils and other accessories, it is the first choice for factories and clinics to improve efficiency and quality.

Structure and working principle:

  1. This injection system is composed of a heater and a hot press
  2. The function of the heater is that it heats the cartridge at the temperature of the 282°-288°for about 7m30s-11m, making the flexible denture material melt in the cartridge.
  3. The function of the hot press is that it injects the molten material into flask which is prepared in advance.
  4. The heater will make a beep sound when it finishes heating.

Random attachment

  1. Main body frame 1
  2. Temperature controller 1
  3. Heating furnace 1
  4. Heating bucket 1
  5. Return barrel 1
  6. Picking stick 1
  7. Size top bar 1 each
  8. Type box 1
  9. Four column clamp 1
  10. High temperature oil 1 pack
  11. Type box wrench 1
  12. Thermocouple wire 1
  13. Power line 1


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